Jun 26, 2011

Here I'm enjoying some family life with my daughter Kirsten.

I didn't write for a long time and will do it once more in September. I just want to tell you that there are some major changes in my life. I am going to live in Argentina from now on but will spend the summer months in Austria with my family and giving workshops. This will always happen in July/August so that if you would like me to give some workshop for you, please contact me. I will always be available for this on the summer.

I am going to be in Argentina because my mother has Alzheimer and needs me and I just want to reconnect with my family and friends there now that my children are of age. I need to go back to my roots after 40 years in Austria.

I intend to continue working on my art there but I need to wait for my machines and material which is coming in a container some time later. Now I'm using my time for sketching and planning.

There are lots of things to do and I also had an operation some days ago so that the main theme isn't my art for the moment. Everything is too challenging, thrilling and I also have to say goodbye to friends and places in Austria.

I hope you will be there in September when I come back to the blog and I wish you all nice holidays 2011!!